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What You Can Do to Prevent a Stroke

Do you plan to start exercising to lose those 20 extra pounds? Have you resolved to get a handle on your blood pressure, high cholesterol, or smoking?

Start now! Taking control of these modifiable risk factors will lower your risk for stroke.

The Top 5 Facts Women Need to Know About Heart Attacks

When it comes to the fear factor, breast cancer has a clear edge. Most women are terrified of the disease—and rightly so, since it kills 41,000 U.S. women every year. Lung cancer—another feared disease—claims more than 70,000 women every year. Yet heart disease kills 292,000 women a year, which makes the likelihood of dying from heart disease far greater than dying from breast and lung cancer combined.

Bored with Your Exercise Routine? Try Yoga

If your exercise regimen needs some new life, consider an activity that helps improve strength, flexibility, and balance while also relieving stress. Yoga is an option for most people, because a routine can be specifically matched to your age, fitness level, and overall health.

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